Historic Location

The city of Campagna.
Placed in the very heart of the historical center of Campagna, Historic Boutique Hotel Maccarunera is located in one of the highest point of the city. The restaurant room is house for an impressive hand-engraved fireplace, an antique press used to obtain olive oil from the pressing of olives and a waterwheel converted in a small hidroelectric plant, respectful of eco-friendly tourism. The vaults room does evoque a unique atmosphere. The old machine that once drew the pasta in the underlying storey can be admired through the crystal floor while at the same time an ancient water source delicately flows from a wall.


The Chiena. This singular, ancient and folkloristic event of uncertain origins, takes place every year during summertime in Campagna. Historians think that the Chiena was originally conceived as a necessity to keep streets and small shops cleaned. Other theories see the sixteenth century's plague as the main cause that led to the "Chiena". Another hypothesys is just keep the main street cleaned from animal droppings during summer when rains are insufficient. Only mythology talks about earlier presence of this event. The myth tells that Ercole redirected Alfeo river's flow to clean the stables of king Augia. Similar cases back in the history are to be found in Rome where the waters of Tevere flowed through Piazza Navona, up to few centuries ago; in Tourin during the eighteenth century waters were redirected to clean the main streets of the city. In Campagna this project of idraulic engineering still takes place every year attracting thousands of tourists enchanted by the beauty of myth and unreal, legend and present. [source: pro loco “citta' di campagna”]

The Fucanoli The "Fucanoli" is a revival of a folkloristic tradition. Every year the on 17th Genuary several fires are lighted along the main squares of Campagna in occasion of the celebration of Saint Antony Abate.. The "heat" belongs to an antique pagan religious ritual linked to "fucanoli", the "fires" that enlighten the southern countrysides during the Saint night. The celebration has of course its procession with the statue of the saint. It's in that occasion that Campagna merges with a natural element so as to discover its own cultural sources. The fire of the Saint simbolises a sign of memory, a sort of tribute payed to the waters of river Tenza, the same waters that during the Chiena flood the city during summertime. The fire to exorcise, the water to purify. Two signs, two elements that witness the glorious history of the city. [source: pro loco “citta' di campagna”]

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Historic Boutique Hotel "Maccarunera"
A whirlwind of emotions.

Uncontaminated nature, haute cuisine and absolute comfort gathered around a unique Hotel in Campagna

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